Wasting everyone's time. Standing in the middle of the aisle. Driving slow af in the left lane. Doing things that piss society off to the max.
All this bojanglin makes me hate humanity.
by joemammy September 03, 2016
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To hold up others when trying to leave for a place or event.
Someone who holds up the crowd with selfish intent.
Damn, those women are always bo-janglin in the bathroom.

Where are they? Probably bo-janglin.
by Edwin October 22, 2004
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When a person does a very stupid or homo act for no reason at all.
With yo' stupid popcorn eatin' bojanglin' ass.

Man you touched his ass!! With yo' gay bonjanglin' ass.

Dumbass Dipshit Retard Fucktard
by CrackheadLeroy October 14, 2009
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