927 definition by joe

Best versatile guitarist around. He can play anything.
Marty has played Pop to Metal and is a great instrumentalist. Just listen to the album "True Obsessions".
by joe March 11, 2005

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Bellingham, WA Last major town on the west coast before hitting Canada. This place has more serial killers than black people.
Take the offramp up here in Bellingham, I need to take a leak.
by joe December 24, 2003

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When the penis goes up into the vagina letting sperm find the eggs often causing pregnancy. Sex usually happens in the closet or anywhere when people from the opposite sex or same sex are "horny" see horny for detials.
erwin dreams of having sex.
by joe November 18, 2003

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Sarcastically used to point out an unfunny joke. It originates from the act of slapping one's knee during vigorous laughter. Later took on a sarcastic meaning.
Comedian: I just flew in from Los Angeles, and boy are my arms tired!

Audience member in sarcastic tone: wow that's a real knee-slapper
by Joe February 11, 2003

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The best pimpin car in any town.
Dang that is a freakin corolla bitch.
by Joe August 26, 2004

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An innocent bystander is standing up. Someone gets on their hands and knees behind them and another person pushes them maknig them fall on their ass.
Mike got table topped and fell on his ass.
by Joe March 01, 2005

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an awesome song by the red hot chili peppers from the "blood sugar sex magik" album.
dude, you can play under the bridge?
by Joe February 25, 2005

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