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Also the inventor of the wheelbarrow and automatic Arbalist.
Zhuge Liang, Priminister of the Shu army during the Han dynasty.
by joe June 15, 2004
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Ejja L aw Ha Nbabazlek iz zibga
by joe October 08, 2003
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Word commonly used in the Vietnam war to describe a person whos eyes look asian, or slant. As in you could zip there face up. Also see gook which is another term to describe asians.
There are 3 billion zipper heads. 1.6 billion muslims, 700 million Africans, 350 million Europeans and people of Euro decent.
by joe November 12, 2004
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Il Alla madonna x riha ta zlaccu andek il lejla pajs!
by joe October 08, 2003
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(the relationship ender) After locking in the "Tebbutt Manoeuver" and wrapping ones legs around your partner, attempt to ride for as long as possible whilst commenting on how much fitter your last girlfriend was. Points are earnt for staying on as long as possible.
"Fuck me, Bob is coming down the stairs and he's got Jane in the Tebbutt Manouver, Tim, get your camera!" "Fuck that, he's trying to lock in for a session of Zlotek Buckaroo! Ill get the camcorder!"
by joe March 31, 2008
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A death metal band from luxemburg wisconsin containing Joe Dusty and Blayne (last names cant be said)
Yo, Zymurgy broke up after their third practice.
by joe March 21, 2005
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