Fold means to switch up, bitch out, get finessed by someone, or to sellout
1. “She folded after everything we been through and everything I did for her”

2. “You a dumb bitch if you fold
by Kasui October 26, 2020
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To Get Played, Switched, Or Turned Down.
1. "She/He Folded When I Thought She/He Was Different"

2. "So You Gone Fold When I Trusted You?"
by Yvng TaCo June 30, 2016
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To beat someone a$$/to fight/reck
"Let that nigga say sum else Ima fold his ass"
by QueenBrazy July 6, 2017
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1. To Bitch Out

2.The act of accepting you are a Bitch.
1. The cops stopped us and Ron Folded. He showed the cops the weed instead of hiding or ditching it.

2. After finding out Roxanne fucked other people while she was dating him, Jerry told her to go home, but after 5 minutes He folded and got back together with her.
by Alarm2202 August 31, 2009
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To Knock some one out were they fold like a piece of paer
Bro this nigga kept messin wit me so I had to fold him.
by Toofly,xavier July 3, 2017
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1. The act of failing in a real life event/situation
2. Getting dropped in a fight or video game
"This man right here 'bout to get folded!"
by Lil B Jimmy July 9, 2019
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To bend a woman or man in positions to perform sexual acts
Damn look at her! Fuck I'd fold her like a lawn chair and work that pussy like a bowflex!!
by Chaks19 May 11, 2019
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