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A pretty swell guy who is normally , white, bald or balding, and occasionally over weight.
"Hey, look at that guy he is such a schmidty"


"That schmidty over there just spilled ice cream on himself"
by joe January 19, 2004
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Woman1: It sucks. I had sex on the beach last night.
Woman2: You get a Schu-Bunny?
Woman1: Yes. =(
by joe January 12, 2005
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emo and hardcore music combined. some of the good newer bands include old underoath (not this new hardcore pussy shit, they were better when they had dallas), thursday, from autumn to ashes, silverstein, thrice, alexisonfire and some of the older bands include hot cross, saetia, and the kodan armada.
"hey man are you going to the sum 41 show later?"
"fuck no man, that shit is pussy. im going to the underoath show!"
by joe March 16, 2005
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Mike wanted to go to Atlanta, but didn't have da scrizzle to fly up in there.
by joe July 16, 2003
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