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Slang, means intoxicated, drunk. When people get drunk they loose their sense of balance, i.e. legless. Chiefly british.
Downed 8 pints last night I was totally legless.
by joe February 01, 2005
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A Really big bit of text.
"Just Read This Breif Comment..."
"BREIF? This is fucking leprotext, mate!"
by joe March 29, 2005
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A word that absolutely means something specific.
There's no way I can possibly use lerpy in a sentence.
by joe July 07, 2003
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The word lesbiman originates from modern England, it is a word to describe men who are not only attracted to hot lesbians, but are in fact lesbians themselves, trapped within the body of a man.
"It's ok darling, I know I have a penis, but I'm a lesbiman at heart!"
by joe January 12, 2005
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lik omg! i was lik in dat place lik yesterday!!
by joe August 19, 2003
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Describes a situation in which a person vomits during a sexual act.
Graham was getting dome from Audrey the other night at it was Graudy!! She puked all over his dick!
by joe January 02, 2005
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