when a girl is so nasty you have to use two condoms to feel safe
eww that bitch is soo sluty.
hey i double baged it
by Anonymous November 23, 2002
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Using two bags when you have a hefty load of groceries...
I had to double bag that watermelon cause that shit was heavy!
by Naked Wood November 9, 2012
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When a woman has such an extreme butter face that two bags are used during intercourse. One over her head, and one over yours just in case hers breaks.
Person 1: OMG you actually slept with that skank?
Person 2: <sigh> yeah, I had to double bag it.
by JasSli November 13, 2002
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When you may be worried that a certain girl may have std's, you "double bag it".
Damn, Vanessa is dope and all, but she's boned over 50 dudes. You can bet when I hit it this weekend, I'm gonna double bag it!
by Marvel May 9, 2003
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when you have to make the dude use two condoms.
"He's from the navy, a different girl in each port. So I double bag him"
by morningwood faerie February 5, 2003
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To use a condom and a paper bag at the same time during intercourse. Exemplified by a desperate person settling for sex with an ugly skank.
-You're taking home that bow-wow? You know she's been around the block more than once.
-Not to worry, I'll double bag it.
by cashmatt October 26, 2008
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an unacceptable way to bag in which a person approaches and tries to bag an individual knowingly after his/her friend has previously bagged.
I don't invite Charlie to parties because he follows me and double bags all the chicks I talk to.
by mikepete August 28, 2009
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