Prison slang for the label of habitual offender given by the court.
Dude ain't seein' the world anytime soon. Judge have him the big bitch.
by downwithmyman October 14, 2015
1. fat chick
2. the girl the wing man ends up with
3. girls from Oregon
Shit, look at all them big bitches coming out of Oregon State!
by Bud E Love May 7, 2003
a women so huge you just have to yell..
"thats a huuuuge bitch!"
by tyler77 April 8, 2009
someone that is lazy, greedy, and only does things for themselves.
ava you big bitch! pass the blunt you dont need all of that!
by ayefizzy July 26, 2017
Jersey slang for a big ass coat
Nah it’s deadass brick. I gotta bring out my big bitch!
by tfudge 2&3 November 16, 2019
when somebody wanna fight you but you dont want to fight them because THATS A BIG BITCH
" yo that girl wanna fight you but dont do it because THAT'S A BIG BITCH !"
by Kylastacey October 4, 2018
Commonly known as a 1 liter or larger bottle of alcohol.
"Hey. You got the Henny for tonight?"
" Of course. Had to get the big bitch cause we ran out last time."
by Ricsteel August 10, 2017