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The fat nerd's jumblees bounced in delight when he heard about the new season of star trek.
by Flingotravels June 08, 2005
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A way of describing someone who is really nice and good person, but they are considered being fat, obesse, having rolls, or wiggeling when they walk. They cant just be chubby, and it's way more then just being "thick", you have to be full blown fatty. You have to have a big fat belly that jiggles, and dimples where you do not want them. It's the word you would use to describe obesse friends, fat actors and actresses you think you like even though you have never, and will never meet them, and just happy nice chunkers that we all know. Because fat can imply lazy, jumblee implys merry.
-Santa Claus

-neighbor1= Did you see who moved in?
neighbor2= No but she baked me cookies and left them by the door, washed my car, and mowed my lawn! What a nice lady...
neighbor1= I know! She just trimmed the my hedges, walked my dogs, painted my house, and took out my garbage! Shes cool by me.
neighbor2= She sounds like my kindof woman... what does she look like? Hot?
neighbor1= *shifts uncomfortably* Umm... some would say that... shes jumblee.
neighbor2= At least shes not fat
by real gangster ass nigger June 29, 2009
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my nuts mofukers dam straight bitch and Ryan Knox will suk on ur jumblees for a nickel
his numba is 1 800 big bitch if u wanna hook up wit him biatch
by Joe February 08, 2005
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