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Predominantly used in the early 1980's, The Whip is anything that is fresh, far out, rockin, neat, cool, funky, awesome, great, etc. Can be used for many different things.
However, if something isn't cool, it's "like the whip" because nothing can be like the whip, either it is or it isn't.
Man, your new car is the whip!
Did you see her? She was the whip!
That pizza I just ate was the whip!
by joe April 29, 2004
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An object not intended to be a weapon, but used as a weapon
The crazy junkie used a pencil as a thinadypoigand and stabbed his dealer in the eye.
by joe March 13, 2003
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Drunk, and high at the same time.
I was so throwed after 7 shots, and 4 bowls of dro.
by joe July 16, 2004
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thun·der·head, n. The swollen upper portion of a thundercloud, usually only recognized by people who enjoy having great breadth, but little depth of knowledge.
"Hey everybody! Look over there at that thunderhead!"

"Shut up Steve, no one cares."
by joe October 22, 2004
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A slang term for the penis. As with most slang terms, can also be used in derrogatory form to refer to another individual.
"Jen was shocked when I slapped my thwock down on the table, in front of her face."

"That kid is such a thwock"
by joe November 04, 2003
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