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noun • the lowest of the low, monkey faced scum, unworthy of the title human. The reason to wear white hooded robes, carry rope, and burn crosses.
Bill: Oh shit here come some sreggin. Better hide all our belongings and run and get our buddies. Time for a lynching.
by jellypuddinginmyanus42069 August 16, 2018

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noun • a residue typically left from dried ejaculate; a type of homemade cocaine substitute (no it will not get you high but it might get you pregnant)
Grandpa Dick: Honey come here and choke on my cocksand
Grandma Rosanne: Ewwww you’re an ornery 69 year old that’s just ur old nasty cum it’s not like u have any left. I’m just gonna hit this line of coke real quick I ain’t trying to set a record for oldest mama.
by jellypuddinginmyanus42069 August 05, 2018

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noun • an action occuring through an eccentric orgasm in which the eruption of the ejaculate was so powerful that it killed the individual into whom it was shot, mimicking a shotgun spray
Jack: Yo, I let out a shotgun skeet and killed my girlfriend Emilia last night while we were bangin’. It’s not like it mattered she was just a woman.

Jason: Oh shit, that’s not good. How’d you hide the body?

Jack: I just tossed it out my window lol. Who gives a fuck?

Jason: Yea true.
by jellypuddinginmyanus42069 August 05, 2018

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noun • As per the name, a exuberantly ripe and spritely suck bestowed upon he most deserving of immediate sympathy, unable to be sufficiently provided otherwise. Such a rite is usually provided by the nearest willing female, who performs any sex act you may desire out of compassion for your sorry state.
Ben: hey sexy wanna smash?
Maggie: nah, fuck off creep
Ben: But I have stage 4 testicular cancer and don’t have long.
Maggie: In that case, come get your sympathy suck and I’ll make whatever time you have left worthwhile ;).
Ben: Ahahaha ueh
Maggie: (acckk uehhhh *#!& it’s so big and cancerous ueh)
by jellypuddinginmyanus42069 December 28, 2019

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adjective • the point where a person is overwhelmingly moistened to a degree of utter disgust that discourages furtherly living

noun • a state of being in which one is saturated to completion - no more fluids can enter or exit the various bodily holes of the human body

verb • the act of saturating one’s self to a point of distinct wetness that supercedes all commonplace mortal capacity
Dam it’s wetter than ur mother’s vagina out, we’re getting real sogged.

How the fuck can I run this race after this rain’s sogged me like this?

Why do you have to be such a sog? Be airy and free like me; you won’t regret it.
by jellypuddinginmyanus42069 August 16, 2018

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noun • See lumber liquidator
Marissa: Hey Josh, heard this crazy story about this voluptuous peter eskeeter named Seewagen - she chopped off her husbands dick, threw it in the woods, he sewed it back on, and then she chopped it off again. Feminism, huh?
by jellypuddinginmyanus42069 December 28, 2019

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noun • a manner of reference to a characteristically vitriolic bitch who is either possessive of the predisposition to, or who has previously undertaken the action of removing the male phallic organ, usually subsequent to becoming enraged and overcome by her own flippant and ungainly emotions, to the point of performing such a heinous and vengeful act. Furthermore, such dismemberment is usually accomplished via the utilization of a sharp object, or potentially one that is comparatively duller if the perpetrator desires for a more lengthy and torturous removal and later thrown into adjacent vegetation and/or woods in order to secure difficulty in locating the separated life-giving essence of the human race.

Also see peter eskeeter
Anthony: Awww shucks, that lumber liquidator Maggie done got me, looks like imma be stuck without my ween. Guess I’ll get back to sitting on my ass. Ueh ueh ueh
by jellypuddinginmyanus42069 January 11, 2020

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