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Any form of dungeon where sexual activities occur.

At one extreme this is a spare room in a house containing some vaguely dungeony artefacts like plastic handcuffs where a consensual couple may role play S&M when they are in the mood for some minor kink.

The other extreme is an actual dungeon in the dark, dank bowels of an actual castle where individuals are held permanently against their will and forced to perform unspeakable acts for the gratification of their captor.
Customer: "Do you sell galvanised steel chain?"

Shop assistant: "Yes sir, aisle 6"

Customer: "Great, and do you have manacles?"

Shop assistant: "Sorry we're fresh out, have you tried 'Sex Dungeons R Us'?"
by Mr. Cardboard November 07, 2011
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When your friends start hooking up with a new girl and you never see them out with their boys anymore; they are in the sex dungeon.
Andy - "Dan, how bout we grab a few beers at the pub tonight"
Dan - "Sure man I'll let you know when I'm free"
Andy - "What's going on Dan, you ready to go?"
Dan - ...
Andy - "Sex dungeon?"
Dan - ...
by jeffalltogether July 12, 2014
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literally another name for the basement in dead by daylight, it is used by many people. this generally came probably because getting out of the basement is the equivalence of getting out of a sex/rape dungeon. literally impossible unless your friends over power the person who put you there.
me: dude
friend: did the killer take you to the sex dungeon again?
me: yeah
friend: welp, im glad i saved my decisive strike and sprint burst.
friend 2: let me unhook you, i have borrowed time
me: thanks guys
friends: dont expect us to save you again, we've already told you to stop t bagging the killer or youll get tunneled
by icysandwich April 30, 2018
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