Julianne is a girl who is sweet caring and awesome. She focuses on her true friends, her athletics and grades. Julianne is not very crazy, but is always up for some low key partying. She is very smart, and thinks her problems through very thoughtfully, never making a brash decision. She is charming and is very funny, always finding a way to make you laugh, but can be a little socially awkward at times. She is usually concieved as a "popular" or one who tries to please everyone, but she does not try do that that at all. She loves getting what she wants, and getting attention, and naturally gets it from her beauty and loving heart. Julianne values friendship, and most of the time is a trustworthy girl, but can slip up occasionally and spill your secrets. She has a very good sense of style and her smile can light up anybody's day.
Julianne is so cool! Forreal! nice goodhearted caring popular pretty
by mimi.12 January 3, 2011
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A Julianne is a well known beautiful girl. Often used in the fact of describing someone who is super smart and just downright amazing. Julianne's tend to not group together and so finding one is somewhat of a rarity, but when you do- it's like.. BAM LOOK IT IS A WILD JULIANNE LOOK AT HER IN HER NATURAL HABITAT. See how beautifully she moves? How nice she is.
"Hey did you see that girl walk by, she was a total Julianne."

"I know it, you think she'd give us her number?"

by Mulina November 21, 2012
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That girl who when she smiles, becomes the highlight of your week, makes the butterflies dance around inside you, make you feel as if nothing could ever bring you down.
When she smiled at me, I knew she was my Julianne.
by HerMaster February 18, 2010
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Julianne is a free spirited yet socially awkward weirdo whom you can share a good laugh or hug with at any time. Their beauty is undeniable and they often don't recgonize it. They have hearts of pure gold and never want people whom they care about to get hurt. They are amazing people whom you fall in lov with immediately and never fall out of love with. They are commonly brunettes with gorgeous chocolate brown eyes and a smile that could kill. They love food, any type, and when you hang out with them you will usually stuff your selves silly. They are the type of people whom you can get high off of just with their personality. They don't usually do the best in school but they try their hardest and that is all that matters to them. If you are their best friend you are very lucky because the friendship that a Julianne gives lasts forever. Juliannes are all together brilliantly gorgeous people whom you can always depend on.
did you see julianne today?
Yeah she was giving her friend a hug hug!!!!
by katelinmarie November 6, 2016
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(Also known as Julie) An amazing girl who will has the incredible ability to brighten anyone's day with her radiant smile. She is creative and perky. Her personality is sweet, caring, but she has her intimidating moments. Nothing and no one gets in her way when it comes to her friends and their good times together. She will be there for you and she is an unbelievably amazing best friend that anyone could ever wish for. Not just an amazing friend, but a sister from another mister!
>Julianne is so amazing!
>Dude, she's like my best friend!
by julia♥ January 28, 2011
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