The laymans way of saying Pho, as in the vietnamese noodles Pho. Fuh is the correct pronunciation of the word Pho.
I love to eat fuh with my friend Jay Tang.
by ringojohn February 26, 2007
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An abbreviation for "Fucking Duh!" which is another way of expressing "Well no shit, Sherlock!"
Cheri (mom): "Hey son, did you know that wearing with socks with sandals makes you look like an idiot?"
Anthony (son): "Well fuh, mom!"
by ThumperGoober August 4, 2013
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"did you see the grill on kyle's mom!"
"oh fuh man! don't even tell me 'bout tha' shit!"
by benz1n0 June 22, 2006
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A beautiful land, best known for it's king -- a ruler who does what he wants to do, goes where he wants to go, thinks what he wants to think, and says what he wants to say.

He is known to all as the Fuh-King.
"All hail the Fuh-King. The mighty Fuh-King"
by fuh July 28, 2003
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A lazy pronunciation of the word "fool". More commonly known as "foo"; "fuh" brings about an even lazier pronunciation.
Wassup, fuh?!
by Sam DLT March 16, 2004
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A response to a stupid action or insult.

Also used as a great way to imitate a stupid person
Response to stupid action:
*Caleb accidentally spills his drink*

Response to a stupid insult:
Jon: "Hey Caleb, You're really dumb"
Caleb: "Fuh Fuh Jon...Fuh Fuh"

Imitating a stupid person:
by Dray Derocher September 1, 2008
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