a word originating at rchs highschool used when referring to a severely retarted or over exaggerated statement or event or statement that is over the top

-nigga i have more LD than you.

- nigga ur sounding drastic af!

-bro i smashed that bitch this weekend and her pussy smelt drastic af!

- damn that is pretty drastic

- nigga my mom grounded me this weekend for layin too much pipe

- drastic...
by JsAm777 November 11, 2010
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An epic provider of web hosting, security, and mad l33t technology services.
"Ayyo, I just got the hookup from drastical for my new album's web site!"
"Where at?"
by srs bsns March 26, 2010
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Daniel M. Johnson otherwise known as, DJ Drastic or The Untouchable DJ Drastic is a Hispanic American entertainer and entrepreneur, originally from New York, United States of America.
The concert last night was insane! DJ Drastic tore the house down.
by TCNMG June 1, 2013
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When one person is so angry at another that they announce "drastic measures" will take place. Ensuring that the actually act of drastic measurement is vague as to leave the victim confused and bewildered.
Laura proclaimed "drastic measures" will take place after skillfully spotting a girls pink backpack in the background of Dave's picture.
by Babar&Geigers November 22, 2009
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An extreme act that anyone can perform, pertaining to any situation.
Any and all of us here are capable of taking a drastic measure.
by PineappleJuice February 26, 2015
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a "don dollar" is a person who walks in the room with the biggest money simillar to the jamacian term "don dadda" which means biggest boss. Tha Don Dollar Drastic is a red hot rapper from Atlanta, GA
If you heard the song Low by Tha "Don Dollar" Drastic you know why he's next to blow up.
by iamthestreets February 4, 2008
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