an appropriate way to tell someone to fuck themselves. This term is used best in a public setting as an exclamation.
Idiot: doing something annoying, being a jerk, or otherwise off-putting

Certified G: Go fix yourself bro!!!
by Certified Gansterator January 6, 2011
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A phrase often whispered to a friend or acquaintance when there is noticeable cocaine residue in and/or around the nostril area. Typically heard after returning from the restroom at the club.
OMG girl - there is blow all over your face...Fix Yourself!
by realtalk2000 October 16, 2009
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Doing the messy and sometimes hard work on your emotional and physical health as a new strategy for taking care of yourself.
If you are stressed out and feel like you need a minute from all of the crazy in the world, take a step back, put your big girl pants on, and GO FIX YOURSELF.
by The Drew Barrymore Show November 2, 2020
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To make small, manageable, and impactful changes in your daily life to create long-term benefits to your well-being.

A term coined by popular UK indie rock/pop band The Wombats.
"I'm so proud that you really managed to fix yourself happy!"
by letstessellate11 November 24, 2021
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