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A beautiful country in southwestern Europe that has done a good job recovering from years of poverty during the Franco era and has kept its integrity and very rich culture; is the 8th largest economy in the world; native inhabitants are of mixed Nordic and Mediterranean European types; immmigrants are South Americans, Eastern Europeans, and Muslims; official language is Castillian; other languages are spoken in different regions of Spain, which includes Catalan and Galician.
Spain has a rich culture.
by Jane April 19, 2005

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As far as I'm aware tosser has nothing to do with mastubation but comes from an old sailing term for a drunken idiot - 'he's a toss pot' - ie someone who drinks a lot is a tosser or toss pot.
by jane August 13, 2003

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a stunningly pretty girl who is loved by all
wow, grainne's my favourite girl.she is my role model
by jane March 24, 2004

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the coolest chick ever
estefania kicks ass!
by jane March 26, 2004

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to say hi to someone in others words its slang for "hey you"
"ayyo,what you been up to??
by jane November 14, 2003

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A large chair in the front of Duke Ellington School for the Arts in Georgetown, Washington DC
"Look at the Big Ass Chair"
by Jane April 22, 2005

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1. in hindi(the national language of India) - means beauty
2. a hot girl
Check out that rupa.
by Jane November 27, 2003

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