A last name most commonly mispronounced by stoopid soliciters.
Hi, may i please speak to mr. hagee, houge, hog, haguu

...erh it's actually hague, like the one in the netherlands you dumb soliciter.
by Alex Hague July 3, 2004
incredibly hairy likes bananas nickname- Tarzan in love with Jane cool chilled out boy with cruel friends
by Hagues lovechild May 23, 2003
ox- bow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by jane May 23, 2003
1.) n. A slang term for fecal matter
2.) v. The action of laying fecal matter
3.) A noun, adjective, or interjection, mainly to express one's disgust
4.) n. Any material of less importance, ie, useless junk
1.) Watch where you're walking! You dont want to step in that hagu, man.

2.) Hold up, we'll head to the party right after I hagu real quick.

3a.) You stupid hagu!
3b.) This hagu neighbor keeps looking into my bathroom window.
3c.) HAGU! I missed the game.

4.) I threw out all that hagu in the attic during spring cleaning.
by haguhagumia June 28, 2006
like poop or crap "shit"
"i just went to the bathroom and he took the biggest hagu in the world"
"SARA is hagu"
"Sara eats hagu"
by The boy 01 January 20, 2008
bengali word for shit/poop
like you are stupid if you dont know its bengali
by banglasoup June 22, 2011
"What's going on?"
by Affellowen April 18, 2022