What happens to old men when they inevitibly develop "long balls". Their nutsack looks like an upside-down ostrich head as viewed from behind.
When I saw grandpa's drooping ballsack hanging out of his bermuda shorts,I asked him what was wrong with him,he said; "Son,when you turn 70 you automatically become ostracized."
by wolfbait51 January 27, 2011
To shun one away from the rest of a group
We should ostracise Compton the Salesman for trying to be funny but instead revealing that hes an idiot.
by thebeaver July 23, 2005
Banishment or being shunned. The state of being exiled from any society, usually by popular vote, for any reason. Disgrace and idiocy are often key players.

Ostracism has its roots in Ancient Athena as a form of quick justice.
After accidently lighting the Orator's chariot on fire, Idious Maximus knew what was comming... Ostracism.
by Ryswick October 29, 2007
to exclude, by general consent, from society, friendship, conversation, privileges, make fun of, ect.
"The other girls ostracized her because of the way she dressed."
Girl one:"You see her dress?"
Girl two: "Yea its way to short and ugly"
Carl the ostrich ordered his ostracizing tapes off of an infomercial he saw last Tuesday.
by Compton Computer Salesman April 11, 2005
To find and place an ostrich in a strategic logcation that inevitably lead to its attacking an enemy
We should ostracize her, but first we need to find an ostrich
by fireguy2513 August 4, 2007
A extremely large cock that is about 30cm long and when you have a boner it is 30 METERS LONG.
You have a ostracize