What happens to old men when they inevitibly develop "long balls". Their nutsack looks like an upside-down ostrich head as viewed from behind.
When I saw grandpa's drooping ballsack hanging out of his bermuda shorts,I asked him what was wrong with him,he said; "Son,when you turn 70 you automatically become ostracized."
by wolfbait51 January 27, 2011
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To shun one away from the rest of a group
We should ostracise Compton the Salesman for trying to be funny but instead revealing that hes an idiot.
by thebeaver July 23, 2005
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Banishment or being shunned. The state of being exiled from any society, usually by popular vote, for any reason. Disgrace and idiocy are often key players.

Ostracism has its roots in Ancient Athena as a form of quick justice.
After accidently lighting the Orator's chariot on fire, Idious Maximus knew what was comming... Ostracism.
by Ryswick October 29, 2007
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Carl the ostrich ordered his ostracizing tapes off of an infomercial he saw last Tuesday.
by Compton Computer Salesman April 11, 2005
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To find and place an ostrich in a strategic logcation that inevitably lead to its attacking an enemy
We should ostracize her, but first we need to find an ostrich
by fireguy2513 August 4, 2007
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No I'm pretty sure I'm been manually ostracized in the hopes that if you do it long enough you be subordinate me to you're performative collectivism. I have not inherent responsibility to appease a collective that isn't even willing to acknowledge my existence. Give me my freedom or I'm going to make you take it.
Hym "Yeah, see, what it sound like you want is everyone gets their own heaven (or dimension) and some point and if WE are God, I am also God and I'm telling you no. We're not doing that. You can do a better job now. I'm not going to let you FLEE FROM REALITY in the afterlife. You are doing what you're doing NOW. So, you don't get your perfect afterlife. I'm not going to let it happen. I might even make reality worse just to spite you. So yeah... No. This isn't what's going to happen because I'm ALSO God (in the context of you thing) and I'm not going to let you escape the reality your are subjecting me to as a matter of your arbitrary whim. So YOU decide. Which version of reality are we in? Because it's not the one where I allow you to do the thing you're talking about. I don't appreciate being ostracized. And I don't want to be God. I'm going to stop anything that does anything even remotely analogous to God. I don't care how good it is for everyone. If your collectivism doesn't extend DIRECTLY to me IMMEDIATELY then it doesn't exist. No."
by Hym Iam August 1, 2023
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The act of turning someone into an ostrich
ostracize ostracize ostracize ostracize ostracize ostracize ostracize = Ostrich hopefully if i say it enough you'll understand ostracize ostracize ostracize ostracize ostracize ostracize ostracize
by Bagel-B0y November 29, 2022
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