An amazing guy that will treat you with the most respect and care if you are ever in a dilemma. He has an outgoing personality and is comfortable with people of all ages. A guy named Julien is going to be very attractive resulting in many girls flocking to be by his side. A Julien's personality is very understanding and open. He will tell you his honest opinion and give you the best advice. This person might be one to have an "old soul", but is very open in his love of childish games. If you ever meet one, keep em around.. There is no one like him:)
omg yes I love Julien! he is so sweet and understanding. I have never met such a good-looking kid who's so comfortable and well-mannered around adults. He must have and old soul.
by esuh760baya June 11, 2011
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Julien is a guy who is caring and will always be there to help in a time of need. He can make friends with many people but he prefers mostly girls and they prefer him as well. He is forgiving and very kind. He can sometimes get very angry when provoked and hard to control when in a negative state of mind. a Julien may be very self centered and very wanting. Julien's are very good to keep around and never to be forgotten.
Oh that Julien he is very kind but dont fuvk with him.
by Julien W. December 22, 2012
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He is a awesome guy but can be very weird sometimes. He is a lemur that is the biggest party animal of Madagascar as he is the king of the lemurs.
Noah : What did Julien just say!!!

Julien: I like to move it move it move it I like to MOVE IT!!!
by The #1 Link May 16, 2022
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Julien is a great and amazing person that's always there for you. If he ever see's you cry, he'll try to comfort you and try to make you happy again. Julien is very funny and caring. To have a friend like Julien, is like having hope.
Thank you Julien for changing my life in a better way.
Julien, i can always count on you.
Julien is always there for me.
by RuSSian CHild May 24, 2018
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A Julien is normally a hot looking guy that is great at sex, his dick will destroy girls pussys and shreads through the tits. He is also a very nice guy and is very caring and loving. He can be very romantic once you get to know him better and has great taste.
Girl: Omg Julien Pound me HARDER
Julien: a-a-af-after th-th-this AWWWW Wan-nna go out F-For some di-nner
by Abygail January 9, 2019
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