The sixth, seventh or first night of the week, depending on your religion.

Saturday night is the most important invention in human history. Saturday night is the reason most conflicts have been resolved and is responsible for some of mankinds most excellent discoveries.

Acceptable ways to spend Saturday night include going out to the cinema, drinking beer, watching the footy highlights with your mates, clubbing, eating kebab, beating the wife and/or kids, and spending a dirty night out. Unacceptable ways to spend a Saturday night include going to bed early and being ill.

Without Saturday night it is conceivable that the couple of protein strands that joined in the primodial goo to form Earths first ever life form would never have done so, and all life as we know it would not exist.

Several other good facts about Saturday night include that it's impossible to fail to pull a slapper, it's the only night apart from Wednesday that it's legal to dine in an Indian restaurant, it's my favourite night of the week and it follows Friday night.
"It's Saturday Night! Let's get ready to rumble!"

Jim: "What shall we do?"
Pete: "Well it is Saturday night. Lets drink beer, get a kebab and go home to beat the wife and kids."

"I'm so happy it's saturday night, it's my favourite night of the week."

George: "Hey Saddam, it's Saturday night. What do you say we forget all this silly sentenced to death nonsense and go to the cinema?"
Saddam: "Infidel."
by Jamie Douglas November 20, 2006
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Is a time when teenagers get together and hang or "chill"...but could also be a night were some people stay up till 5 o'clock talking about making eggs,teddy bears and pinto beans
Blake: it's 3am
MaryRose: so it is Saturday Night
by Sexylexi143 May 18, 2013
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A legal move in amateur wrestling that was originally called the "double grapevine."

A Saturday night ride is usually accomplished in these steps:
1) The wrestler takes his opponent to his back, wraps both legs around his opponent's legs, and spreads them out wide.
2) The wrestler on top arches his back and presses his chest and hips down into his opponent in order to hold him down on the mat.
3) The wrestler on top wraps both of his arms around his opponent's arms, or grabs one of his oppponent's arms and wraps his other arm around his opponent's head and pulls it up.
4) With both legs trapped and with his whole body held down, the wrestler on bottom can't do anything to escape. When the wrestler on top holds both his shoulders or shoulder blades down on the mat long enough, the wrestler on bottom is pinned and the other dude wins.
5) If a wrestler does this move well enough, it's not only a guaranteed pin, but also a good way to own and embarrass the other dude, if you want to do that.

Since the Saturday night ride has both wrestlers flat on the mat with their legs and arms wrapped around each other, it often looks like a sexual position, hence the name.

The move is also known as the "Saturday night," the "double grapes," the "angel," or the "honeymooner."
Last week, Jake faced a tough opponent on the wrestling mat named Mike. Mike kept pissing him off by always trying to out-muscle him, so Jake found a way to take care of him. When Mike got tired late in the third period and couldn't make any more moves, Jake took him to his back and pinned him with the "Saturday night ride."
by JohnnyL0202 June 29, 2013
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A euphemism for solicitation of services from a male prostitute; specifically from a male prostitute who resembles a young masculine female or lesbian.
He was cruising around, all horny and worked up, looking for a Saturday Night Bieber.
by flataffect February 24, 2011
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The act of giving up a night of debauchery and fun to make life easier on future you.
Damn, I can't believe I missed that rager, but my Saturday Night Sacrifice really helped my exam scores.
by StudyBlue April 7, 2011
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A person who wildly spends money that they just aquired. Once the money is spent he/she will likely be broke again for some period of time, typically one month when the next government check arrives. See also nigger rich.
Don't go spending all your money like a nigger on Saturday night.
by hotbuddha October 15, 2005
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a condition occuring when you have slept awkwardly and awake to find that a limb is with out feeling. Thus leaving you partly spastic. Especially the morning after a night when you get munted.
"Last night was huge, i woke up with a nasty case of saturday night palsy. I had to cheer myself up by giving myself a stranger."
by marcus_schmarcus June 22, 2006
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