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When a person has only half of their wit and has somehow managed to catch on fire.
j00 b33/\/ pwned by Grungemetal!

Josh: You're on fire. Yeah, stop playing counter strike and put it out.
by iwannabeanalcoholic April 24, 2005
Tobacco rolled in paper. With a filter. Filters are usually prefered because getting tobacco in your mouth is unpleasant. Though people who smoke unfiltered cigarettes accuse filter cigarette smokers of being a pussy. Cigarettes aren't bad if you smoke them once in a while. Even one a day won't hurt you.
I'm trying to fill space cause UrbanDictionary said i need atleast 20 letters and 3 words. Word Yo!
by iwannabeanalcoholic January 21, 2005
Pfft. Don't even talk to a woman or else she'll slap you in the balls with with a sexual harrassment charge.

Basically its your word against hers. And who is the judge gonna believe?
Eric: Hey, How ya doin?
Sally: Get away you pig
by iwannabeanalcoholic January 22, 2005
what yellow fever mutates into when it goes untreated. When the hankering for asian women is so unbearable you just cum in you're pants at the site of one walking down the street.
Jed: ::cums::!!

Japanese girl: Ohh!! how kawaii! ^_^

jed: ::cums again::
by iwannabeanalcoholic March 5, 2005
A good japanese band. When they first started they had a more visual, feminine style that reflected in the music and clothes. Over the years they have dropped the visual effects for a more masculine approach. As can be seen in the album "Vulgar". In 2004 they have totally dropped the visual kei gig. The music became heavier and more american influenced. They still sound good.
Clint: I like Dir En Grey.

Joe: Yes, i like them also.
by iwannabeanalcoholic April 21, 2005
A polite way of saying a guy is homosexual without actually coming out and saying it. This can refer to bisexual men too.
Bill: He seems a little "off" to me..

Jack: Well he enjoys the "company of men".

Bill: Well who doesn't?

Jack: I don't think you're quite getting this..
by iwannabeanalcoholic August 4, 2005
A band around the late 70's who was very familer with the synth sound and used it.Very popular back then. not as much now. one of the main influences of The Strokes. who are hailed as "The saviours of rock". but diden't live up the hype
Could of easily been on the scarface sound track for their newwavish electro-sound.
by iwannabeanalcoholic August 28, 2004