A literal rad god, he produces true and plentiful ear necture and is what all mortals should bow down too. It is even better knowing he is an excellent cook and total babe.
John: Have you heard that new song?
Tom: I won't listen to music if it isn't Pink Guy
by A PINK GUY FAN April 18, 2017
Well known character in Filthy Frank Show.
Mostly known for having cancer and wanting ''pusi''
Pink Guy: ''gibe de pusi b0ss''
Pink Guy: ''ey b0ss I have cancer''
by SteamMooseIsDead July 19, 2015
Pink Guy is one of the most played characters in the FilthyFrankShow. He is gay but hates Chin Chin. He is a god to all of us and speaks Filthy language. He has his own hits of songs that are just amazing for your young child to listen to.
"Can I hab pizza plz"
"Is dis tannin salon"
"Can I have pusi"
Pink Guy
by PinkGuy&ChinChin May 8, 2017
Our god, our sacred, our only hope for our second coming...
by Alpharayye March 20, 2018
God. A fucking lyrical genius in a pink morph suit who writes songs mainly about sex or food.
Me: Ay b0ss! I habe cancer! Gimme that pusi, habe you seen an alien plz?

My Brother: Are you quoting that Pink Guy shit again?

Me: Nyes
by RandyTheRockerRichards July 3, 2019
A creature that runs around in a pink suit across all the chromosomes looking for Papa Franku.
Person1: what the fuck is that
Pink guy: AHAHAHAH HAHA *aggressive groaning*
Person2: quick run
by The Federan February 20, 2020