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A term referring to California and its left leaning policies resembling a communist state.
I cant buy an AR-15 in Commiefornia
Its illegal to 'misgender' someone in commiefornia
by SummerBoi?! May 29, 2018
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A term used to describe all the far-left policies that California has ever created in the country. Their policies may be more radical than in Canada, but it'll once be more liberal than in Europe overall. People wished that it actually becomes independent, but the people inside this state will keep voting against Calexit to stay in America to run over the economy. And this is why right wingers in California want to create the state of Jefferson.
Left-winger: Come to California. They say it's all cool down there
Right-winger: Fuck no. I don't want to come to Commiefornia. I don't want to get harrassed by Feminazis and SJWs. Plus I don't have any gun rights to scare them away
by i hate sjws February 05, 2018
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what "california" has turned into. Everything is now banned there. BUT they still have Gay rights
I can't buy bullets from Commiefornia BUT i can buy a Double Headed Purple Prostate Pleaser!
by Moo3y March 29, 2005
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