A person that was born or lived/lives in Toronto or have spent a large part or formative of their career in that city Toronto,Ontario,Canada (Ter-ron-tone-ee-in)

Similar to the term Canadian.
Toronto is the largest city in all of Canada.
Other Terms/Nicknames for Toronto Are:
T-Dot; T.O; Hogtown; The Big Smoke; Toronto the good
"TORONTO is tha besstt !!"
I am Torontonian and proud of it !
by Shiimersz March 24, 2008
Someone who was born and raised (not always) but most importantly lives in Toronto, Canada

The whiniest, bitchiest people in Canada. A Torontonian's main means of entertainment is bitching, usually in the letters to the editor section of the Toronto Star, about how the government isn't spending enough money on X or should be accountable for Y.
Your typical Torontonian is very opposed to firearm ownership and use, and supports the strictest of firearm regulation laws. Same goes for owning and breeding Pitbulls.

These phobias are based on what moms talk about in the schoolyard while picking up their kids, rather than actual fact.
Toronoto has the highest concentration of soccer moms in the country, a figure which is rising rapidly with the popularity of Call of Duty (which an increasing number of parents believe is polluting our society) and the Toronto FC.
What a stunning message to the women of this country when one adds this refusal to attend the Washington women’s health summit to the string of insults we have experienced over his “reign.” He doesn’t even have the grace to reply to the invitation, reportedly. It speaks volumes.

If nothing else, the rest of the world will understand that we women in Canada are facing a real battle as we detail the way the issues that are essential to women here and everywhere have been belittled and are of no importance to this PM and his government, except as a strategy to gain that Golden Fleece called a “majority.”

It’s understandable that Harper wouldn’t go to the Washington women’s health summit, aptly entitled “We Deliver.” He can’t and apparently it’s an issue for him. How else to explain?

- A typical torontonian scrutinizing Politician's every move. Chances are, that if Harper did attend this thing, she would have still found something to complain about.
by CRUNKAINTDEAD June 9, 2010
While often misunderstood by fellow Canadians as someone who pretends to occupy the center of the universe, upon visiting this fair city these misguieded compatriots find themselves compelled to admit that the Torontonian actually does.
A native inhabitant of the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, the Torontonian has also been known to inhabit snowy hills and wooded climbs...and to lament the abysmal record of one of the most poorly managed professional hockey teams of all time.
by Ron Kuipers May 15, 2006
Insufferably arrogant people who consider themselves and their city (Toronto, Ontario) God's gift to Canada and the universe. Though universally hated by Canadians from every other part of the county for the past several decades, it never occurs to Torontonians that there might be a reason for all the resentment. Torontonians are incapable of considering anyone else's point of view except for their own, yet strangely label everyone else "intolerant". They also believe they speak for all Canadians on all matters, even though their viewpoints typically have no relation to practicality, reason or even reality.
Dick: John and Mary are typical Torontonians.
Jane: So are John and Mary complete assholes?
Dick: I believe I already answered that question, Jane.
by JaneySnow June 19, 2011
Some of the biggest douchebags you'll ever meet. They are about as civilized as a bunch of wild dogs and in fact if you read the story "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", Lovecraft would probably be put into a coma out of fear due to how bad Torontonians are compared to the residents of Innsmouth. Common behaviour you should expect from them: cutting in front of you in line, blatantly displaying their belief that they are superior than you, giving you dirty looks for the most minor things, if you offer them a place in line they'll take it without saying a word, etc.
I'm a Torontonian myself but I can't lie to myself and say Torontonians are polite and nice people. I try to be polite whenever I can. This is literally what happened as soon as I got back from a trip in Europe at the Toronto airport: 1. I was on those moving ramps and a bit to the left (not realizing it) and some cunt of a soccer mom with TNA pants says "Slower people to the right" with her little shit of a daughter. 2. My dad offers someone a place in line and he just says "ok" without a single word of gratitude. 3. Some bitch who works there decides its okay to split up my family when checking our passports instead of having everyone together to save time.
The biggest spoiled brats in all of Canada. From Cape Spear to Victoria, no one worse.
A pansy Torontonian corssed my path the other way, so I gave him a good Newfoundlander smack upside the head! How do you like that, eh?!
by strong badian May 29, 2004
A Toronto-specific word, as in when Torontonians stand around idly on their porches, sidewalks, tiny lawns, etc. and eyeball others who may not be like them, and when a non-Torontonian is suspected, squint their beady eyes and scrunch their weasel noses and point and open their mouths to utter an inaudible to humans scream – to alert other lurky Torontonians that someone unlike them is near; similar to the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
I was passing through Riverdale last week when I noticed several lurky Torontonians staring at me, and when I paused, they all pointed and opened their mouths to utter some kind of weird noise.
by Carl Davidson November 26, 2019