A term generally describing their respect for another. Most commonly used by Australians and stereotypically by Ethnic-Australians.
"Dudes a Fucking Sick Cunt! haha what a mad cunt."
by supermajic August 25, 2005
Term used by many people of ethnic origin in Australia. Word usually means the person is a "Very Cool Person".
"Oh fuck man, that shits awesome, you're a sick cunt!"
by r0x0rmyj0x0rz April 4, 2004
used by many of Ethnic Origin in Australia.
Can mean cool person, as well as Feral person.
1. Someone licks a tyre. (BAD THING)

2. Someone gets a really hot chick
"Oh you fucking sick cunt ;)"
by r0x0rmyj0x0rz April 10, 2004
Term use mainly by young Australian males who drink excessively, go to the gym and rate their value in life by how many women they've managed to convince to have sex with them.

They apply this same standard when comparing themselves to others, if someone can drink more,or get bulkier or drive a nicer car, or bed more heavily inebriated women than they are able to, they will therefore be considered a "sick cunt" by these people, multiple times

This usually lasts until they realize their basest youthful ideals and repetitive, peer indoctrinated lifestyle are ultimately pathetic and self destructive in the long run.
Man 1 - "i just downed 13 shots bra"
Man 2 - "aw man, you're a sick cunt"

Man 1 - "check out the porche my dad bought me bra"
Man 2 - "aw mate you're a sick cunt"

Man 1 - "i just rooted that 10th grade chick"
Man 2 - "but you're 25 man"
Man 1 - "still a sick cunt"
by boredwiththesepeople March 29, 2014
Dylan just dry scooped his first pre-workout, he's now a real sick cunt
by sickcunt87 June 5, 2021
word used by ethnics living in Australia to describe a cool person. often used after said person does them a favour.
"keep an eye on my WRX bro"
"yeah sure"
"ohh wotta sick cunt"
by blackcherry November 26, 2004