Municipal means that your calling them a guy sex slave bitch
Guy one your my municipal
by Municipal December 16, 2015
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1. A city, town, or other area that has its own local government.

2. The appointed or elected members of a local government.

1. That city is a municipality.
2. Those boring people are part of the municipality.
by Jafje April 18, 2007
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AWESOME crossover thrash band from Richmond, Virginia. Their music is pure fucking win. Fast, heavy, intense. Makes you wanna drink, party and mosh all night long. They are known for their energetic live shows, often incorporating props such as boogie boards. If you haven't heard much of this band, do so now! I suggest their latest release 'The art of partying', you wont regret it!
"He's goint to the concert!
He's full of thrashing rage!
He's going to rip his face off and throw it at the stage!


(Municipal Waste - Headbanger face rip)
by BowDownToTheThrasher August 06, 2008
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noun. tap water. usually used to describe tap water in a city where you never drink from the faucet.

Lemon Flavored Municipal Punch: tap water with sliced lemons to disguise the nasty taste.
Host: You want a drink?
Guest: Sure, I'm really thirsty.
Host: Oh, man. Sorry, all I've got is some municipal punch.
Guest: You got any Lemon Flavored Municipal Punch then?
by ravensmith April 05, 2009
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A remarkably easy woman with margarine thighs, the village bike
Eg. The girl at school who let anyone have a feel for ten pence.
by TLO Smudge May 03, 2004
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