Noun and adjective, describing Toronto Rob Ford voters who still defend him despite his admitted crack cocaine smoking and binge drinking.
" the Torontards still support the Fords"
" that transit plan will never work, it is Torontarded"
" My city's politics are becoming Torontarded"
by bubbaCanuk November 5, 2013
Typically what the rest of Canada calls a person from Toronto. Strongly attributed to the hostility of Canadians towards this city due to many factors:
- Center of Canada/Universe mentality
- Bland city
- Most corporates and businesses, either Canadian or foreign, are established there
- The capital city of Ontario, which the province alone has a third of the Canadian population, being 13 million
- The metro area contains about six million people, roughly a sixth of the Canadian population
- Worst car traffic in the Western world
- The Golden Horseshoe, the name attributed to the region where Toronto is located, contains 9 million people, roughly a quarter of the Canadian population
- A magnet for immigrants, millenials and hipsters, basically making it less and less Canadian

But of course saying this is offensive to a Torontonian because of the "Center of Canada/Universe" mentality
Man #1: Man, Torontards are ruining this fucking city, and so with this wonderful country!!!!
Man #2: At least Torontwat is better than Detoilet and Shitcongo
by i hate sjws July 26, 2018 ably sums up the mentality of so much of the population of Toronto.
Many people living in Toronto Ontario are "torontarded" A few cms of snow is a "major storm", where people forget how to drive in the snow, drive into the back of each other's cars, and complain when the temperature dips below -10.
by Amanda Jan December 12, 2007