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The best fuckin Modern Warfare 2 boosting spot great for getting tactical nukes (25 kill streak) not legit so you can pis people off and have fun like fags

*I recommend singing the final countdown song when you call it in*
You always should have a silenced gun with
Perk 1-Scavenger Pro
Perk 2-Cold Blooded
Perk 3-Ninja Pro
Hey lets go boost at "Burger Town" buddy!!!!!!!!
by MW2 pwnr December 04, 2009
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When a man is being flirted with, with multiple girls and they are all doing something to touch each-other anywhere on the body.
For women see saladhut
Burgertown-such as playing footsees with each other or playing a popular sport in smaller form, playing keep-away, etc.
by tommy swag October 16, 2010
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