Best fucking food in the world!!!However eat to much of cheese will be on the crapper for maybe about 4 hours 10 tops!!!!
sister-Whats taking you forever in the bathroom?
brother-Sorry had 8 cheese sticks to many!!!
by gorillaz April 28, 2008
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a code word used by gangsters that means beer or alchohol so that other people or thier parents don't know what they are talking about
yo man are u getting some cheese sticks for friday night?
by R-Dawg of the MG September 9, 2005
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"He asked for oral sex but the smell of his cheese stick made her gag"
by Spycho August 5, 2003
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When a person is acting like a tool and a complete noob
Frank's cousin called pauly a cheese stick.
by cheese dick September 6, 2012
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Single, $1 bills. Derived as an antonym of Cheddar, a slang term meaning massive amounts money (usually in large increments, e.g. $50, $100 bills).
Hey, do you have any cheese sticks? All I have is a $20.

I bought some tacos at the taco truck. They were only 2 cheese sticks.
by Asparagustus_v2 March 7, 2011
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a solidified cumball. enjoy your next one
Jim: This cheese stick tastes like cum.

Bob: That's because it is! Now please tell me how you know what cum tastes like.
by yoyoPICKLEyoyo May 16, 2009
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When a girl shoots her yellowish-green cottage cheese discharge on a guys penis and then she licks it off
"dude that freak totally gave me a cheese stick this weekend"
"No WAY! i heard Michael got a cheese stick too!"
by Justin :) February 27, 2008
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