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teenage(or pre-teens) girls who are posers. they like whatevers "cool" at the time. they only like bands for their looks and popularity. they like to sceam things like: "MARRY MEE!!!" to the band members. they don't know how to spell so they type Lyk DiS. they wear way too much makeup. they make comments about how 'hott' the band members are ("Lyk, OMG, thur lyk, sOoOoOo hawt!!"). they never mention the music. on message boards they'll have screen names like: "PxNk rAwK pRiNCeSs"
teeny bopper:"LyK, AvRiL iZ sOoOoOo K3WL!!!!!!!11 I wUnT 2 B jUsT LyK hUr!!!!!11!!!!1111!! AnD BiLlIe JoE fRoM gReEn DaY iZ lYk, s0OoO0ooOo Lyk, HaWttt!!!!1111 OoH Mi GaWdZ, LyK, i Mz GoNnA mArRy hImZ!!!one!!!!1 pXnK rAwK 4 eVaARrRrrR!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111"
by hEaThEr May 16, 2005
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At our school they mean:

green-give head
red-lap dance
grey(silver)-hand job
purple-outdoor sex
clear-whatever breaker wants
glow in the dark-use sex toys
You all need to shut the HELL up because these braclets really have no meaning its just some perverted meaning that adults thought up and intend to blame us for it, I am just fine wearing my bracelets that fact that it pisses teachers off is just an added bonus!
by hEaThEr March 23, 2004
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It actually has a crocodile, not an alligator, as the logo. It's considered "preppy" by most people, and it often times seen with the collar popped. Made of high quality cotton ang go for about $70 in the states.
Guy 1- Hey, did you see that guy with the crocodile on his shirt?

Guy 2- Yeah, I think it was a Lacoste.
by hEaThEr February 26, 2005
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A nice way of putting that you have a fat ass.
by hEaThEr October 29, 2003
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1) fit lad !
1) a rare 1 off fit lad that is better than F.H.I.T or OOF
by hEaThEr July 1, 2004
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a boy who hides in dark corners crying and slitting his wrists, while listening to crappy emo music. wears tight jeans and band Ts(of his fav emo band). has 'emo hair'. usaully has 'emo glasses' or 'nerd glasses'. aka an emo boy.

see: faggot
emo pussy:*crys while listening to hawthorne heights*

Me:"look at that emo pussy crying in the corner. what a fucking faggot."
by hEaThEr June 28, 2005
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