when you get so kinky with another guy, you do some wack things with each other. from role playing, to sticking each other feet into your butt hole, and jerking off his dick with the back of your leg. you can just be in public and grab his dick and ass at the same time licking his ear as you wait in line for food. anything you can think of that will probably hurt and is sexual is the stupid gay.
person one:Oh hahaha James Charles, your the stupid gay in the tub hahaha

James Charles: You wanna put that shampoo bottle up your pee pee hole?
by BlueStripes May 22, 2019
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when a nigga is gay got caught kissing another gay nigga in the bathroom stall. Call that nigga a stupid gay nigga!
DUDE i just saw marquise kissing darnell in the bathroom, what a stupid gay nigga
by jimmonatham August 24, 2022
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1. noun A homosexual male who befriends everyone they can in order to manipulate them. They are usually ugly and cannot find anyone to have sex with.

2. noun An annoying and stupid person who is universally despised.

3. adjective Really bad.
1. He's only being nice because he's a stupid fucking gay.

2. Simone is a stupid fucking gay.

3. I can't start my car because the stupid fucking gay battery is flat.
by laminated April 18, 2006
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A gay stupid nigga is when a black person does some gay ass shit, and doesn’t say no homo, fucking homo
Black guy - gimmie a kiss. Me / oh you gay stupid nigga
by Paul Hatala May 4, 2019
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