Someone that doesn't give a damn about the music that a band makes, but only like them for the fact that they're "h4wt" and "everyone else likes them". They would be lucky if they even know the names of the people that they are referring to as "h4wt". Teenies tend to write in an unbelievably retarded way as well.
example of teenie writing: OMFG!!1! D1D U LYKE C PETE WENTZZZ???!?!?! H3S LYK3 S0000000 UNB3LIVBLY H4WT!!! I WANNA MRRY H1M ND AVE HIZ BUHBEEEZ!!1!!11!!!!!

note the excessive use of exclamation marks and abbreviations. this is a classic example of teenie writing.
by TammieLovesFOBForTheirMusic. September 17, 2006
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annoying little people who decide a band is worthy of their time based on how much they want to get into the lead singers pants. They then bitch on said singer's spouse claiming that they are 'stealing there man', etc.
If they have gotten to the obsessive stages, they may even take to giving they're "beloved"'s pet names, carrying little pictures in their wallets... etc.
Teenies are astonishingly shallow creatures as they can manage all this without actually buying a single/album. And even if they did it would be to stroke the cover.
teenie girl: OMFG how dar he lyk av a wife he iz my babeh!!!! we r ment 2 av babies togeva iv named em aftr me n him and evrythin oh THAT BITCH! F*CK HER!! *voodoo*

more intelligent teenie: Oh get a grip. So what if he has a wife? You have to learn the art of seduction, we just need his address. Look, you're not even doing it right. Stick it in the puppets stomach! Fool!
by buggeroff September 28, 2005
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A teenage girl (or a guy if he's gay) who likes a band based on their looks, not their actual talent. They typically post crap on message boards and in chats about the band about how the members are so hot.

"Damn teenie, I'm gonna kill you"
by td March 26, 2004
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noun. 1/16 of a point, when referred to the price of a stock. Before decimals were used in the stock market, stocks traded in sixteenths and eighths. 1/16 was referred to as a teenie.
Steve: "Yo brozay, how's MCZ doing?"
Phil: "Not badly. It's up a teenie."
by stockman09 July 22, 2011
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They get more attention from the bands..True...But it's negative...

Most bands hate teenies because the teenies only like the bands, and most bands only wanna be noticed for their music not their good looks.
"Did you hear that girl yell out 'Marry Me Gerald!' during MCR's set? She's such a teenie. It's girl like that give girls like me a bad name amongst the scene"
by Your_Worst_Nightmare_Bitch August 1, 2005
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Somebody who is obssessed with a famous person, because of their looks and not the talent. They usually type in upper and lower case letter alternately and over-exaggerate punctuatuation. They are also too lazy to write in proper English and are usually Chav-ettes.
"LyK OmFgZzZ UsHeR Iz GoN mArrY ME IniT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!112344^%878 So KeEp UR DuRtY HaNdz Of gUrLz!£U£*"

"ItZ ClLEd TXT TLK!!""£ MiNga!"
by Me March 11, 2005
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1.All those fucking people who only like bands like Green Day cos they think Billie Joe is hot! They probably dont even listen to them!
2.people who only like bands because everyone else likes them! *damn teenies* like the stoooopid people who luv Britney then go straight to Blink because they are way cooler!
3. people also known as a trendy
4. people who send death threats to the GF's of wives of famous people just cos their jelus!
*omfg i hate aedrienne! she doesnt deseave billie Joe he should dump that bitch and marry me!*
piss off ya teenie why would he want a whore like you!
by Dookie Drummer! April 25, 2005
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