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HICK TOWN!!! Full of preps us rebels have to stick together all two of us.
Prep: Like I will see at the football game right?(Gasp) Totally awsome!! Hehehe!!!!
by heather October 16, 2003
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how to identify an 'emo kid':

-they listen too emo music
-they let everyone beat them up/pick at them
-they hide in dark corners
-they cry all the time
-they slit their wrists
-wear old, dirty clothes
-have "emo hair"(short in the back and a long piece covering one have of their face in the front)
-usually don't have too many friends; sometimes none
-most have "emo glasses" or "nerd glasses"
-worship emo bands(my chemical romance/the used/taking back sunday/hawthorne heights ect.)
-they're always sad or mad; NEVER happy.
-sometimes they like to scream
emo kid:*sitting under a tree*

random person:"hello."

emo kid:"LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!! *runs away crying*

random person:"...?"
by heather May 14, 2005
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a boy who hides in dark corners crying and slitting his wrists, while listening to crappy emo music. wears tight jeans and band Ts(of his fav emo band). has 'emo hair'. usaully has 'emo glasses' or 'nerd glasses'. aka an emo boy.

see: faggot
emo pussy:*crys while listening to hawthorne heights*

Me:"look at that emo pussy crying in the corner. what a fucking faggot."
by heather June 28, 2005
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an ugly cunt faced skeet suckin dick lickin bitch
maddie is a such a fuckin ephore
by heather March 19, 2005
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1. the 'in' crowd
1. Unfortunately, my possession of a pocket protector has made it impossible for me to be part of the central knetting.
by heather October 26, 2003
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A place where too many people visit in the summer. A quant little drinking village with a fishing problem!
by heather October 31, 2003
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alright chelsea* i love you & whoever worte that abt you is just sealous of you! they are dumbass's b/c they cant even spell ur damn name! i love you
by heather May 4, 2003
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