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A guy who tries too hard in both attire and personality. Superdudes are devoid of personality. They want to appear 'in' and they want to be liked. Their athletic days ended after highschool football or basketball where they liked joking around in the changeroom more than the game itself. When teen movies show a group of the kids at a school and the director wants to convey that a certain group are the 'popular' kids, those kids are often stereotypical superdudes. A superdude is your typical beer chugging, high fiving, fraternity member who uses over 20 different synonyms for the word 'drunk' when describing his state the night before. Superdudes are in YOUR CITY at drinking establishments that play top 40 music.
A bunch of superdudes just came into the bar.

person a: Does she have a boyfriend?
person b: yeah, she's dating some superdude.
person a: that's a shame.

by stevearlington May 29, 2007
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