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orter means a person who likes to shag a flock of horney sheep
Person1:hey u know Jhon
Person2: yeah, what
Person1: well he fucked a flock of horney sheep last night
Person2: see i told you he was a total orter
by guy July 3, 2004
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That stuntman is a MuuS.
by guy February 9, 2004
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An extraordinarily bad thing; something no one would ever want.
Man, I don't want any of that graal.
by guy September 28, 2003
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understand,appreciate actively and profoundly, fully comprehend; also, to think about, listen to, play, or contemplate something or someone with full love and understanding, even ecstacy. Often done stoned.
(s)he spent the whole museum visit just grocking one painting. I go to the park to grock the trees. MCEscher really grocked Goedel's theorem.
by guy May 10, 2003
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Nobody really knows for sure. Some faggy skater I knew used it all the time in a way similar to "dawg" or "homie." It's gay skater slang I imagine.
Sup hermdogs? I don't know hermdog!
by guy November 21, 2004
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A phrase used sometimes in a state of suprise.
Jesus H. Christ you scared the fucking shit out of my asshole.
by guy January 12, 2004
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A very sexy, intelligent, fiercely passionate, and extroverted woman.
Entering into the room like a Gildenstar, Laura made her way to the bar with many eyes staring at her.
by guy November 28, 2004
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