my dog got neutered so he would stop humping things
by Guy April 18, 2004
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Severely drunk, blackout. The person maybe unresponsive

Often mistaken for sleutered.
Guy 1: Dude, I have the worst hangover right now. I don't remember anything from last night
Guy 2: Yeah, you were so neutered bro!

by tke486 November 29, 2013
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Defined in John Water's film, "Dirty Shame," as puritanical people who despise anything even remotely carnal. Not to be confused with asexuality so much as a class of people who insist on forcing their sexually stunted lifestyles upon others who are more liberated in that regard.
Lordy loo! She is all up in there telling people how to be!! What a neuter.
by Iron Gate July 19, 2018
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Used in the movie "A Dirty Shame," directed by John waters. A neuter is a prudish person who doesn't have a sexual fetish.
When Sylvia got knocked in the head with the glass bottle, she became a neuter.
by Delicia June 21, 2005
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The most obvious definition:

Usually having your dog or your cat "desexed". A minor operation that leaves the animal incapable of reproducing
Did you have a veterinarian neuter your new puppy?
by Panchoman Jr. November 10, 2006
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(v) To completely and utterly defeat an opponent during competition.

To win with great extent. A humiliating defeat causing shame upon your dynasty.

May result in your disownment. Never being the same again.
"We were playing Super Smash Bros. and, needless to say, he got neutered."
by homb July 3, 2014
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Neuter is a verb and it is the process of one person(sensually)ripping of another man’s testicles while simultaneously jerking them off. At the point of ejaculation the person being neutered must begin loudly barking like a dog.
Holy fuck I’m still sore from when you neutered me last night. Did you keep my balls after you neutered me?
by Lord WizarD III October 27, 2020
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