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actual, factual, real deal, no-girls-allowed, sex between men, rubbing penises together between two humping bodies or within a single hand
I wanna frot you like an animal.
by guy April 24, 2004
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A gay individual who has gone beyond the limits of the gay community.
omg you are such a fucking faggot
by guy January 09, 2004
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Somebody who likes to annoy in a particulalry satisfying way, or a situation that can be personfied thus
Oh, that ironic situation is so good lad
by guy March 03, 2005
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An extraordinarily bad thing; something no one would ever want.
Man, I don't want any of that graal.
by guy September 28, 2003
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It means "PoopPoop". It was created by the master, Jeremias. The one who inherited this, is no other than the 1337 master Kakapoopie himself.
"Who'd you get owned by in Halo 2 yesterday?"

"Some 1337 master named Kakapoopie"
by guy February 13, 2005
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I have kaki
eima shah oachalet kaki
(Your Mother Eating Shit)
by guy September 24, 2003
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