76 definitions by guy

Something dogs can lick
A good telling off
Do bees have them?
"hey looks that doghs licking its own bollocks!!"
"You're gonna get the bollocking of your life you little bollock!"
by guy March 29, 2005
"Pulling of a SharKTanK" - capping the (winning) flag in the last 20 seconds of the game, can also be used in other gametypes
Omg, i pulled of a sharktank in that game versus fe, they were so pissed about it they left the server without saying anything
by guy March 29, 2005
I have kaki
eima shah oachalet kaki
(Your Mother Eating Shit)
by guy September 24, 2003
understand,appreciate actively and profoundly, fully comprehend; also, to think about, listen to, play, or contemplate something or someone with full love and understanding, even ecstacy. Often done stoned.
(s)he spent the whole museum visit just grocking one painting. I go to the park to grock the trees. MCEscher really grocked Goedel's theorem.
by guy May 11, 2003
"Oh my gosh, that shirt is so suuuper!"
by guy December 29, 2004