a skater is a person who knows how to skateboard. you don't have to have a certain style or look a certain way. f*ck the stereotype. a skateboarder is simply just riding a board and bein good at it. skateboarding is all about being yourself and expressing your own style. so if someone tells you that you cant skateboard cause you're "too basic" or you dont "look the part" then you throw the middle fingers up and say "i can do what the f*ck i want" but dont pretend you're something you're not cause its hella dope to just be yourself.
douche:you dont even look like a skater
you:well i am so suck it
by seriously.doanollie June 26, 2019
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Known as a shamer in the Army; this is a word personnel in the Marine Corps use that is synonymous with personnel also known as shitbags. Nevertheless, this is the code that many Junior Enlisted Warriors (JEWs) live by:

S-tay under the radar
K-eep away from responsibility
A-llways act busy
T-ake your time
E-vade NCOs
R-ecruit others
LCpl Schmuckatelli is a real skater; he'll probably never pick up Cpl.
by PVT Schmuckatelli July 1, 2016
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A skater is a human being who enjoys riding a skateboard because it is fun. a lot of skaters could be classified as 'punks' but this is just a stereotype. true, some skaters so wear tight jeans and a pair of emericas, but a lot of them just dress 'normally'.

there are vert skaters and street skaters. vert skaters skate in halfpipes. street skaters skate stairs and ledges and such. street is currently more popular than vert, mainly because it is easier to do. not to say that it requires less skill; I mean that street requires no ramp, therefore it can be done in more places that vert.

skateboarders are often said to be druggies, but this is simply not true... True skateboarders have no use for drugs. It's all about landing those tricks! landing a trick is the ultimate high.

I could say a lot more but i don't have a lot of time to write so I'll end it hear.

skateboarding is not a fad, it's a way of life.
while i may not skateboard every day, i do it for the right reasons... not to get girls or to cash in on the rise in popularity that skateboarding has suddenly taken.
by karl May 26, 2004
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Normally skaters are fine. It's when you get these elite skater assholes who call everyone a poser and make fun of beginners. That is where skaters get a bad reputation as punk and assholes.
Beginner: Hi! Can you guys show me how to do that?
by iwannabeanalcoholic January 19, 2005
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A skater is someone who skateboards. Whether they be good or bad, it only should count if they enjoy what they get out of skating. If you only skate to earn credit at school...i hate to label ya, but thats what you call a poser...
the fags on here that say you have to be good to ba considered a skater, or people who think all skaters are potheads. FUCK YOU.
by Shady Lane December 17, 2004
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A person that skates....does there really need to be a stereotype applied to it?
does there really need to be a stereotype applied to it?
by Scott H. January 29, 2004
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skaters don't let friends rollerblade...
Skaters compete on skateboard. Fruit booters ride around on 'aggressive inline skates'.
by candace April 15, 2003
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