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When an alcoholic or drug addict decides to spend his/her entire paycheck on his/her vice of choice and then go on a bender. This person parties or isolates until all the booze or drugs are done only to wake up and realize that the rent, bills, food budget, and utilities weren't paid and then faced with an eviction notice, search warren, or an ambulance ride to the hospital . Even worse they are killed by their binging or by outside circumstances.

This term comes from Green Day's song "Deadbeat Holiday" in their "Warning" album released in 2000.
"Hey man, what happened to Billy? I haven't seen him in over a week."

"Yeah, that piece of trash is taking a deadbeat holiday... I hope he makes it out of this one alive."

Green Day:

"Wake up, the house is on fire
and the cat's caught in the dryer
philosophy's a liar
when your home is your headstone"
by grisslebone March 27, 2011
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Noun: When one orders a pizza for delivery and is told that it will take 35-40 minutes, however, the pizza delivery person shows up 15 minutes later. This quick delivery usually catches customers by surprise.
Man, I ordered some pizza last night and they told me it was going to be a while. So I decided to have myself some me-time before it got there. I was just getting started when the doorbell rang. Fucking pizza was guy was there in like 12 minutes. That was a serious ninja pizza delivery!
by grisslebone May 23, 2011
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noun: Frozen rain that sneaks up on you unexpectedly and beats the crap out of you only to leave quickly, without a trace. Also see: hail
The ninja snow totaled my car today! My Miata looks like a golf ball!

I was walking through the park yesterday when I got attacked by ninja snow. As soon as I got to shelter it was gone. Turned out to be a sunny day after that. Weird...
by grisslebone April 06, 2011
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A high-ranking NCO (E-8, E-9) dressed in either a service uniform or dress uniform. The rank ensignias on the arm are so large and gaudy (and cool) they resemble the stripes of a zebra. Thus, zebra arm.

A smug, yet well recieved reference to the unit's top enlisted.
"Holy shit SSGT, looks like its zebra arm night here in NCO Club!"

"Damn Private! I can't help you with this and nor can the first shirt. You're going have to see the Zebra for this."
by grisslebone February 18, 2009
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When you go large game hunting with your buddies, and one of your buddies brings the new guy. Turns out that this new guy is a total ass clown who thinks its a good idea to shoot at everything that moves, thus ruining your hunting trip by scaring away all large game within a 50 mile radius.

An over-zealous hunter; ei. Ted Nugent
"I had that buck in my sights but before I could pull the trigger, that newbie went on to pull a Nuge! He started shooting at squirrels! I mean fucking squirrels! I didn't see another buck the rest of the trip. What a douche!"
by grisslebone February 18, 2009
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Being so physically ill that you shit your pants while vomiting.
"Wooo! I'm goin' party till I heave and blow mud tonight!"
by Grisslebone February 18, 2009
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A suffisticated woman who makes a substantial living by serial dating wealthy men.

A gold digger
"Hey bro, don't even think of hooking up with that whore. She's a total cock investor."
by Grisslebone February 18, 2009
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