Talking to or dating other people while already talking to or dating someone.

It is usually found on dating sites, where one person starts casually dating another, but is also still flirting/casually dating with other people on the site.
Amanda: I started talking to this guy on this site and we went out last night and had fun.
Caroline: Nice! I am so happy for you.
Amanda: Yeah... but I saw him on the site again. He is probably still talking to other women.
Caroline: Ugh, he is a serial dater. I hate them.

John: I met this girl on this site and we went out last night. It was fun.
Kyle: Nice man. Are you going to see her again?
John: Yeah. When she is free we will go out again.
Kyle: Is it serious? Do you think it will get serious?
John: Maybe, but I am not going to put everything I have on one stock. I am still going to see other women on the side just in case.
Kyle: Good idea. Nothing wrong with serial dating.
John: Yeah man. I have to keep my options open.
by Serial dater January 27, 2014
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Someone who cannot be dateless for a period of time.
Some might date two people in the same night.
Will never date someone twice.
Think of a serial killer, he needs to kill, a serial date, needs to date.
Kenz is a serial date, she has never been single.
by alee-alee January 16, 2009
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To date too many people. To date carelessly.
"Would you like it if your daughter started serial dating?" - Martha to Suzy.
Suzy "Taylor Swift did it and she's a success".
by Your dirty lil secret April 12, 2019
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