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Wooo, coming from New York, originally Brooklyn....abbreviates: We on our own. Because New Yorkers are so original and different from the rest of the country in everything they do. #woooyork #wooo
Wooo...We on our own. Ayo where you from b...Woo York juu hurdd.
by BigBK917 January 09, 2020
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its some newyork, specifically brooklyn term abbreviates "we on our own".
she like the way dat i dance, she like the way dat i move, WOOO!
by gaytits99 May 06, 2020
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the inability for for someone to say the word woah and all that comes out is !Wooo!
OMG!! im high and falling down a hill !Wooo!
by Tayler06 February 25, 2009
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this exclamation shows the feeling when your urban dictionary definition gets accepted, you can also use this when you are very excited or happy about something.
via giphy
by jay-fandoms March 07, 2019
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