Wooo, coming from New York, originally Brooklyn....abbreviates: We on our own. Because New Yorkers are so original and different from the rest of the country in everything they do. #woooyork #wooo
Wooo...We on our own. Ayo where you from b...Woo York juu hurdd.
by BigBK917 January 10, 2020
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the inability for for someone to say the word woah and all that comes out is !Wooo!
OMG!! im high and falling down a hill !Wooo!
by Tayler06 February 26, 2009
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Fuckwin pro wrestling image board on 420chan.
Guy 1: sup /woo/

Guy 2: >/woo/

Guy 3: >/woo/

Guy 4: >/woo/

Guy 5: >/woo/

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this exclamation shows the feeling when your urban dictionary definition gets accepted, you can also use this when you are very excited or happy about something.
by jay-fandoms March 7, 2019
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its some newyork, specifically brooklyn term abbreviates "we on our own".
she like the way dat i dance, she like the way dat i move, WOOO!
by gaytits99 May 6, 2020
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A wooo girl is a girl, or usually a group of girls, who hang out in bars and put their hands in the air and scream wooo whenever a song they like plays, a drink is served, or another friend enters the room.
If a classic song is played in the bar, all wooo girls will raise up one arm fully extended and scream wooo at the top of their lungs.
by chytown gurl February 5, 2012
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