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An event where loved ones, family and friends get to spend time with prospective parents, impart supportive wishes and advice and generally make sure that the parents to be realise that everything is still totally cool.

Generally held in the afternoon of a weekend day. While gifts are not usually considered compulsory - if we're honest with each other the over-riding reason that such an event is put together is for the gifts one will get so having a registry somewhere is not a bad idea.
Have checked out their online BABY SHOWER gift regisitry?
by GH May 09, 2003

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Small fry - one who is swimming out of their depth.
Spud came on the stag with us but the minnow wet to bed at about 12!
by gh August 11, 2003

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To be so drunk that you throw up all over a strip club.
You think Spud was bad? Manai was absolutely giuseptic. That stripper is still picking bits of carrot out of her g-string.
by gh April 05, 2004

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defender of their faith, once they find it.
also see neds
by GH October 24, 2003

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a faggot who likes to drink skim in milk in his mothers panty hose.
thats crazydyke for ya
by gh August 11, 2003

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A shot, issued from the right boot of Spud, that it more of a threat to the residents of the adjacent nursing home than to the goalkeeper. Usually accompanied by a guttoral roar.
Thump: Whizz.........
by gh November 11, 2003

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making hard sex
im making whoopee to my hot girlfriend.
by GH April 26, 2003

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