Refering to the hard hitting bass that is produced from high powered stereo systems.
Hey Carl, how hard does your system thump?
by Travis October 01, 2003
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Damn!, that guy can realy thump. he took on 3 guys at ounce.
by Doug February 19, 2005
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Expediting matters appropriately at last recourse, generally meted out to a deserving party.
"Richard triggered a huge barfight by hitting that poor musician right in the middle of the face for nothing.

Boy, when I saw that, I wrapped my belt around my right hand, walked right into the melee, and 'THUMP!', one blow to the back of that bastard's skull, and everything was square again.
Soon, we could all go home."

The place cleared out, someone went for ice and towels; others cleaned up the broken glass and righted the tables.
Then, my pants fell down.
by skydog70 January 05, 2006
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1.Old school word used in the late 80s for playing rap music loud. Synanamous to bump or blast.

2. Subwoofer
1. "Remember they used to thump, but now they blast, right."
2. "I got that thump in my trunk."
by steakii October 01, 2007
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A subwoofer (the speaker in a stereo that creates all the low notes and vibration) according to Snoop Dogg
"It sounds so viciously when tha thump in tha trunk go bump bump bump"
Snoop Dogg - Snoop D-O-double-G
by agentsteve July 23, 2005
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a word often used in place of more commonly used terms such as 'lump' and 'bump'. Not to be confused with stump or thumb.
Student 1: 'Look at Jen. She hasn't done any work all class.'

Student 2: 'I know shes been sitting there like a thump on a log.'
by Mrs. Murphy November 18, 2010
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