Manny: Well, in a tight spot you can always drink your own urine.

Gal: Yeah, but what about the insects? How do you wash?

Manny: That's not such a big priority when you're quaffing pints of your own whizz.
by handlebar123 January 8, 2015
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Meaning to urinate, or pee, most famously used by Homer Simpson.
Im going for a whizz, with the bathroom door open! HOMER SIMPSON
by krackpipe December 13, 2003
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street version of the stimulant amphetamine (NOT METH)Usually is a paste that is rubbed into the gums. Effects include extreme energy bursts, and the urge to want to do a task like clean your room. Honestly kids stay away fro this stuff the crash after stopping or "comedown" is awful, nearly a week of extreme irritation, sleep problems, and depression. Causes psychotic problems if abused and is super addictive.
Just bombed a bag of whizz im so full of energy I could jog down the m20.
by Bigboy packet March 13, 2022
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"I got on the whizz and started sum shit."
by Diego September 11, 2003
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Whizz or whipper is the drug speed.
This shit is fucking crazy whizz / I'm whizzing like fuck!
by od April 22, 2003
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the most popular vibrator sold by anne summers. a bit noisy and boring but does its job quite efficiently.
that whizz uses up all my batteries
by anon February 26, 2005
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A person who knows a lot about languages and language systems, and is incredibly intelligent in terms of learning new languages, linguistics, and language-related issues.

Origin: This compound is made up of two words. The word langue which was first coined by the Swiss linguist and semiotician Ferdinand de Saussure to refer to a language viewed as an abstract system used by a speech community, and the word whizz which denotes someone who is fast, skilled, or intelligent in a particular activity, subject, or area.

Ahmadreza Mohebbi
Eg: Ahmadreza Mohebbi has made a name for himself as a distinguished langue whizz in the field of Applied Linguistics. I have read many of his articles on Cultural Linguistics and Linguistic Landscape.
by January 11, 2019
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