The act of taking a middleman or drug dealer taking a portion of the product for himself after receiving it from the next person up before selling it to customers, especially when this act is done covertly, IE among friends.
"Man that asshole said he split up the ounce he bought for us four ways, but I only got 5 grams, he skimmed the sack man!"
by Ho0 August 9, 2006
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The thin layer of water that covers the sand after a wave breaks. Also, the action of skimboarding.
(see skimboarding)
Cannon Beach has some sick skim
I'd rather be Skimmin'
by Connor B. June 1, 2005
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a sense of embarrassment caused by everyday awkward scenarios
After trying to make fun of everyone at the party for acting stupid, Steven walks into the garage full of people with his member hanging out of his zipper. SKIMMMMM
by acock September 4, 2009
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to skim traffic is to change a portion of links on a web page so that they don't direct to a destination originally suggested by their caption or image. This is done, for example, to divert some of the traffic on the TGPs to associated sites.
Setting skimming to 100, 80, 50 means first surfer's click will go to content (100% skim ratio), second will go to content with 80% probability, all others will go to content with 50% probability.
by VoltaireRTS May 18, 2009
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tax-free gambling profits, or money taken that is not reported to the IRS
by VAKI5 November 2, 2003
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To be ashamed of something.
When someone does something stupid or random, call out skim!
by tillytal April 12, 2009
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The opposite of phat(non-phat). Something bad, uncool, and unfortunate.
Our president is so skim.
by bmdub May 27, 2005
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