42 definitions by g-unit

A movie rating: Extreme titties and violence
That movie was rated ETV for extreme titties and violence
by g-unit August 21, 2004
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Fake cop, wannbe cop, security gaurd. Black ghetto security gaurd (that will never happpen)
i got my ass shot by one of them gay ass rent-a-cops.
by g-unit May 02, 2003
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The instigator of all that is good and evil. Can mystify you with witty rhetoric and unconrehensable "Texas slur-slang." Self claimed pimp and overall badass. Gives much respect to the Shiner and nothing and no one else. Will decimate your physical and mental make up if given the chance. Use extreme caution when approaching. But make no mistake, this Champion of chumps will go down in history and on you if the money is right. We love you.
by g-unit October 21, 2004
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Sunny K has a popurt the size of a twig.
His popurt is very microscopic.
by g-unit May 05, 2003
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Nearly retarded, special ed, slow,
That moron just hit my car, what a gurb
by g-unit March 29, 2005
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