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A German sausage

A derogatory term, usually with reference to the penis.
get your bratwurst out of my can, silly.

Hinnerk (who happens to be German) rather enjoys a juicy bratwust at supper time.

- "Hinnerk??" - "YEEEEESSSS???" - "you are such a damn bratwurst" - "SPOOME"
by g-unit July 3, 2003
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Supposed to be "hit a lick" which means it was easy for you to rob someone
yo, I hit a lik cause they left the window down on their car and the cd player in the front seat.
by g-unit September 4, 2004
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Derek Danser cause he aint got no game & ima shamed!
Derek dawg ur such a Wanksta
by g-unit April 27, 2003
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can only tap that ass once. and your actually good at it. and that's the only time.
i slept with this guy twice, but he was a one-hit wonder
by g-unit September 28, 2003
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Dman when i was a tthe bar i met Shabong
by g-unit April 27, 2003
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Fake cop, wannbe cop, security gaurd. Black ghetto security gaurd (that will never happpen)
i got my ass shot by one of them gay ass rent-a-cops.
by g-unit May 2, 2003
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Be careful when checking girls out from over 30 feet

Dangerous act of calling a 'hot ass bitch' from over 30 feet away because she could be fucking gross as hell
17 yr old guy: Dude check out that ass over there
Friend: man thats my 13 year old brothers girlfriend.
Other Friend: Shit R. Kelly keep it in your pants
by g-unit December 5, 2003
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