A word for girl or woman, usually fit in the eyes of chavs.
look at dat malt bruv
she is a well fit malt
by masskater February 5, 2008
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big earings and little pikey boots
mostly predominant in maidstone kent area
by calvin May 2, 2003
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1. Short, casual version of malt liquor. It is used often to indicate cheap or nasty beer, such as forty.
2. Ice cream bevarage.
by TheWarden February 4, 2005
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"Here comes the malt!" --Andrew "Dice" Clay
by malt July 31, 2003
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Malte is a very handsome boy, with blonde hair and blue eyes. You would usually find a Malte playing basketball or pool in his free time. Malte also looks so hot when he is sweaty and playing sports. Malte has impeccable taste in music. All girls want a Malte because he is funny, effortlessly smart, and kind if he likes you. Malte is also a very trustworthy person who doesn't often say much but rather shows his feeling through actions rather than words. Malte is very good in bed but is also very picky when deciding what girl to commit it, If you are lucky enough to meet a Malte in your life consider yourself blessed.
Oh, that guy is definitely a Malte... Just look at him.
by somerandomperson96 January 17, 2021
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He is a very hot extremly very very very hot german dude, every girl wants him period.
by WJ"BIYVDOY"C#IC February 5, 2020
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