A cloak-like garment which was usually worn by Early-Christian Priestly Writers.
Cyril and Methodius are likely to have worn gaurds due to the fact that they were active in the early Church during the Pax Romana.
by Nick G. April 29, 2005
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Excessive vaginal skin that hangs down like a sleeve of a wizard. The excessive skin protects a woman's inner thighs from bruising during sex.
It took me a couple of minutes to get renes beef gaurds open before I could start pounding that shit!
by tuna man April 29, 2014
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the golden gaurd, (aka hunter wittebane) is the best character in the owl house. hes amazing. hes sad. and he is awesome
bro did you hear about the golden gaurd? yea hes amazing!!!!
by urchiniu April 25, 2022
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*talking to the Hulk*
Rose: Yeah, it's green.

Kitty: Hey, Rose! *walking up with Gay-tard*

Rose: ...oh, haii, Kitty, Gay-Tard.

Kitty: Oh, i see ur busy, let's go Gay-tard!

Gay-Tard: Hulk, let's talk about Batman and Underworld.

Rose: Dood, you are seriously being a cooch gaurd right now.

Kitty: Yeah.

Gay-Tard: Oh, ok. *Stomps off*
by Rose R. February 22, 2009
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A portion of a marching band that does choreographed moves with a flag, rifle, sword, or misc. object.
The band got best overall general effect for their wonderful color gaurd.
by BLF August 21, 2005
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A piece of wax paper or sponge firmly secured to the underside of the scrotum during double penetration in order to avoid rubbing rat belly with the other guy in the double team.
Kelltron strapped on his wax paper rat gaurd before shoving his cock up the bar slut's ass so he wouldn't accidentally rub rat belly with The Fiss.
by Cous Cous July 23, 2008
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Racial slur directed to black people, or people of african decent. The equivilent of "nigger" It is less known and usually said by White people concidered to be "red neck's" NOTE: if it is said by a white person it is not ment to be freindly like a white person can say Hey nigga, and think its ok but if they say that guy is a Red Gaurd it is ment to be offensive
White guy> "that Red Gaurd is poor as $#!^"
by Tonila April 23, 2006
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